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The Soft Drink for Wine Lovers. Created by a wine merchant for when your spirit fancies a crisp white or Prosecco, but your body needs time off.

One sixth the calories of wine (just 14 cal per 100ml), and just 2.1g total carbs. No added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives. Just goodness and flavour extracted from healthful botanicals, pear juice for a little touch of sweetness, sparkling water, and added nutrients that alcohol depletes. Goes beautifully with anti-pasta, olives, goats cheese, Sushi, Asian and Oriental cuisine, fish dishes and more.


As a committed party girl holding down some high-powered jobs from an early age, Hilary developed the “Prelixir” nutrient formula in Botonique over many years, purely for her own use. After years of enabling her and her friends to enjoy great nights followed by great mornings, she built the formula into this delicious soft drink – great on its own and an excellent mixer with many spirits or wine.
Now about to approach the trade, Botonique was one of the most visited stands at Food & Drink Show in April 2016 – Hilary’s first trade show, with interest from Easyjet, Coop and the ontrade. Launching in Independents this Summer. One to watch.


  • Dry, complex, intriguing taste
  • Hangover avoidance
  • Long term health

Looking For

We are looking for Enthusiastic brand ambassadors and retail partners.

The Team

We treasure our relationships with key suppliers and freelancers expert in the relevant field. We are now looking to build a team to spread the word about our life-enhancing products.


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