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Demand For Protein

Demand For Protein

Consumer demand has sparked a rise in high-protein products and this demand is said to continue through 2019. Alternative protein sources, such as insects, fish and insect-fed chicken, cultured meat and algae have been introduced to the supermarket shelf to create new and exciting protein options for health-conscious consumers.

Retailers’ are increasingly wanting to expand their influence in the protein field. Although brands are currently paving the way in new product development and market direction, retailers are creating more own brand high protein products.

“Since the start of 2018, 177 new protein listings have appeared across the six retailers, against 82 that were delisted. Slimming and Sports Nutrition was unsurprisingly the category that counted the highest number of new listings. The Cereals category has seen a significant increase, with new listings accounting for 37.5 percent of the entire category. Bars also saw a sharp increase in listings, accounting for 18.7 percent of the entire category at the end of the period analysed.” Brand View, Protein Category Overview 2018

Weight Loss or Wellbeing?

Motivations for wellness go beyond weight loss and the protein trend running alongside it. The overall demand for protein snacking is growing among consumers across the globe, particularly with people with busy lifestyles that do not provide enough options for nutritional intake via traditional food habits.

Retailers have seen opportunity in this sector and are now looking for new high protein options as well as low sugar, low fat and high fibre variants across all categories, as they move towards appealing to wellness consumers.

For more information read The Power of Protein 2018 Category Report here.

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