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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Samir Samani of WowBoxMe

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Samir Samani of WowBoxMe

By Jacqui Rudd

This week we spoke with Samir Samani entrepreneur, passionate foodie and founder and CEO of WowBoxMe! From start-up businesses to established brands, WowBoxMe supports brands to find new retailers, loyal customers and reviews as well as help food and drink lovers discover exciting and innovative new products delivered straight to their door.

Tell us about the roots of WowBoxMe?

WowBoxMe aims to get new innovative brands into the hands of our end consumers and retailers for data analytics and reorders. Breaking into the market is tough so we have 250 London stores who commit to taking new products from us to help these brands get into the independents. The business was formed to get retailers better access to new products and for brand owners to get awareness and those crucial first orders.

Tell us about yourself and experience as an entrepreneur?

I started my first business which was an online wine ordering platform in 2008, I sold this in 2012 to Wine Cellar. Since then I went off and got a degree, spent a few years in finance whilst seeing how many innovative products have come into the marketplace but also seeing how hard building a brand is, so in 2017 we started WowBoxMe to showcase and help new products.

What inspired your love of discovering new food and drinks products?

For me and the WowBoxMe team, we have always been involved in supplying and running retail stores so we always wanted to try and be dynamic and offer the best range. It is great to see a new product come in, get interest, sales and repeat sales.

How does WowBoxMe support food and drink startups?

WowBoxMe enables the discovery of new smaller food and drink startups. We think its great once someone tries your product and they can touch, feel and taste it, they can discover it too. Startups can set 3-5 questions for our users and get the data analytics report back which will help brands to make better strategic decisions. https://wowboxme.com/partner-with-us

What food/drinks businesses are exciting you right now?

I feel the movement towards health and nutrition remains really strong. Organic, vegan, low sugar and higher protein are all trending. I think Kombucha and especially the one from Remedy is really exciting right now as people are drinking less alcohol and it could become popular in the UK marketplace.

What are your plans for the future of WowBoxMe?

Currently we have around 800 consumers and product influences across the UK and 250 retail stores. Over the next coming 12 months we will increase the number of retailer store agreements we have in place so that we can put products into 2,000 stores. Currently, the 250 stores we have are all based around a 4 day delivery map around London, we want to expand this so we cover more of the UK.

What are your key tips for small food and drink brands?

For me be passionate and have a clear roadmap of the product/brand. Promote your products, grow your brand and relationships. Speak to other brand owners, retailers, wholesalers and distributors anyone who may be willing to take your product. Just do not stop until you get those orders and they will come.

Interested in showcasing your products? Find out how you can partner with WowBoxMe here: wowboxme.com/partner-with-us

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