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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018: Black Bee Honey Co-Founder Paul Webb

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018: Black Bee Honey Co-Founder Paul Webb

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week! To celebrate GEW 2018 we are highlighting some brilliant entrepreneurs and their journeys. Today we spoke to Paul Webb the co-founder of Black Bee Honey, named after the British honey bee which after nearly dying out is slowly making a comeback. Each of their varieties is single-source and British, supporting both our bees and their keepers.

What are the roots of the Black Bee Honey brand and your products?
Black Bee Honey emerged from our previous London based beehive rental business and the Postcode Honey brand. During that time we discovered how delicious proper honey can be. We also discovered that most of the honey we consume in the UK is a blend of imported honey which can be heated and filtered removing most health benefits and individual flavours. We also became aware of the pressures not only on our honeybees but also British bee farmers to meet the increasing demand for honey. Black Bee Honey celebrates the best of British honey supporting both our bees and their keepers.

Why did you start the business here in London?
London is where our journey with bees and honey started and where we still have our hives to produce our Great taste award-winning London Honey.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey?
Both Chris and I come from a design background so starting a food business has been a huge learning curve which we’re still learning! We try to inject as much creative thinking into all areas of the business to help it succeed. We’ve had so much help from our advisors which has been invaluable. We’ve learnt that aside from the hard work and juggling finances, so much of running your own business is down to belief and keeping a positive attitude.

Can you describe a day in the life of a bee farmer?
In one word, long. One of our suppliers usually works from 6am to 9pm, seven days a week. It’s not easy being a bee farmer.

What are your plans for the future for Black Bee Honey?
We’re aiming for our first high street supermarket next year to allow us to expand the business and grow the team. We’re also going to be adding more delicious varieties of real British honey but the main goal is to become the brand that people associate with quality British honey.

Find out more about Black Bee Honey and where to buy their delicious honey here: www.blackbeehoney.co
You can buy their festive honey which makes the perfect sustainable Christmas stocking filler here: blackbeehoney.co/shop/festive-honey

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