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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018: Digimock Co-Founder Matt Baldock

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018: Digimock Co-Founder Matt Baldock

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week! To celebrate GEW 2018 we are highlighting some brilliant entrepreneurs and their journeys. Today we spoke to Matt Baldock, co-founder of Digimock, from start-up businesses to established brands and innovators, Digimock is your UK based partner for custom printed flexible packaging.

Tell us about the roots of Digimock?

Quite simply, a desire to work with food innovators and genuinely help great brands establish themselves by offering the same packaging options as the usual suspects in their market. Also, embracing the true essence of digital print – something others in flexible packaging struggle with – to help brands who don’t want to order tens of thousands of packs at a time, thus mitigating a huge cashflow risk. Also, we exploit a gap in the mockup segment, whereby we use actual full production materials to give as true a representation as possible of a pack before a client commits to production. A future proof, if you like.

Tell us about yourself and experience as an entrepreneur?

Being a West Ham fan, I’m used to being the underdog! And the greatest stories of all time involve the rise of the underdog – think the ‘Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared’, the Tortoise in the Tortoise and the Hare, and even Rocky Balboa! In the workplace we all moan at times and think we can do things better. Well, entrepreneurs take the next step and act on it! My first – and very much alive – business, Vow Packaging Partners, was a reaction to the corporate packaging industry and challenged the lack of younger people coming into the industry, and Digimock went that next step and challenged how the industry operates. I’d classify myself as a challenger, and a disruptor, much like the wonderful entrepreneurs I have the pleasure of working with.

What made you passionate about how your clients experience their packaging journeys?

Seeing the explosion of happiness when a brand has their first product, packaged and ready to go, is unforgettable. Collaboration is the new business, rather than dull transactions, and being a part of the evolution of a brand through their packaging is a privilege. I want every brand to look at their category and have a desire to ‘be the icon’. The established brands are necessary in the marketplace but why should they be the only ones to have iconic packaging and product? It’s not just a back seat experience with a client, but actually occasionally hopping into the driver’s seat to show them a new path. One which had been blocked by others for a long time.

Why do you believe mockup packaging is key to success in food products in retail?

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive. You wouldn’t buy a house to live in without looking at it first. A brand and a product is the vision of someone, somewhere. It is arguably more personal than the aforementioned. Mockups therefore are essential! Having one before committing to a full production is both peace of mind and a true reality check – isn’t it amazing how our industry still doesn’t offer these as part of the approval process? They are also fab for sales samples, market testing, pitches and more, all without having to order a standard MOQ of thousands before you’ve even sold the product.

What are your plans for the future of Digimock?

We continue to grow and have just moved into our second unit in 6 months. We expect to see similar growth in the next 12 months and want to maintain our ethos of supporting food innovators and startups, particularly as we are seeing more and more enter the food industry. We have started exploring exports and have global customers already – startups aren’t only here in the UK. Perhaps an accountant or MBA graduate would come into the business and suggest we focus on the big business, taking large orders from large customers to show off a large turnover. We as a team certainly have the experience and knowledge to do it. But myself and my business partner Mike want to have fun whilst doing this. And with our unique offering, and many smiling client faces when we’ve delivered our products, we aren’t going to abandon our ethos. Ever.

Find out how to partner with Digimock and use their pioneering 5 steps to delivery process to get a complete range of cost effective solutions at digimock.com

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