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IFE: Grocery Accelerator – Discover Tuesday’s New Brands created by Brand New Businesses

IFE: Grocery Accelerator – Discover Tuesday’s New Brands created by Brand New Businesses

Here’s Tuesday’s New Brands to be discovered at The Grocery Accelerator stand at IFE in the Artisan Market: N1677

Don’t miss the presentation pitchs – battle commences in the Drinks Theatre, S2 at 1.30pm


New Brands:

Product Description:


Rutland Charcuterie We fell in love with charcuterie whilst living in France – everything from saucisson to Confit de Canard. In fact confit was the one thing that we would always bring back home with us, as at the time it wasn’t that easy to get hold of in the UK. Now it is… http://www.rutlandcharcuterie.com/
Hot or Not You Decide How to make it how you like itIf you like your Curry a little h-h-hotter or are feeling somewhat brave … Read on!

Included in each pack of Hot or Not you decide! Sauces and Soups you will find 3 Chilli HotShot Capsules for you to “Fire Up Your Food!” Follow the instructions on the back of the packs in order to ‘spice up your life’ and change how the flavours mix together in the Curry with a wave of Chilli heat.

Eat to beat Awarding, Glutton free bread and bread mixes. Devina and Deborah, two sisters, are passionate about creating stunning breads that have up to 10 days shelf life. www.eat-to-beat.com
Mo Cookie Dough Mo’s Cookie Dough is the brainchild of Morag Pavich, mother of three and self-confessed cookie-lover. Morag acquired her cookie-habit as a child growing up in California, where she swears she was weaned on cookie dough.Thirty years later and back in Scotland, she became well-known amongst her friends for being able to produce delicious home-baked cookies. Now you can buy her ready to bake cookie dough. http://www.moscookiedough.co.uk/
Arctic Berries HEALTHY, NATURAL BERRY POWDERS, sourced from the pure landscape of Scandinavia – SPRINKLE ON YOUR BREAKFAST BOWLS FOR A DAILY BOOST OF VITAL NUTRIENTS AND VITAMINS! http://www.arcticpowerberries.com/ 
Hugh & Lilys Hugh & Lily’s – An authentic family food & gift brand aiming to become the worlds most beautiful & loved vintage retailer & connector. Searching equity funding https://www.facebook.com/hughandlilys
Jim Jams One morning at breakfast we were enjoying a few slices of toast & jam, like many other families every day. Whilst looking at the packaging of well-known brands we were shocked at the amount of hidden sugar in such a small jar.Our kids deserved better for their breakfast, so we set about making our own to see if we could make the same tasting Jam and Fruit content without all the sugar. JimJams was born and we know that there has never been a better time to eat less sugar… http://jimjams-spreads.co.uk
Crushed Fruit pouch that’s for older children. Pure fruit, no artificial additives or preservatives. 12 months shelf-life http://www.crusheduk.com




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