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Is the Future of Food Flexitarian?

Is the Future of Food Flexitarian?

With increasing meat-free options available in restaurants and supermarkets, it appears vegetarianism and veganism is becoming more mainstream. However, most of the population still consume animal products and the title of flexitarian has become more popular, but could Flexitarianism just be a stepping stone on the journey to going meat-free?

You Gov’s latest report explores the future of food and whether flexitarianism is temporary or the population moving to meat-free and how brands can capitalise on the rise of diets free from animal products.

Their research found that 73% of Brits are Carnivores, 14% are Flexitarian, 3% Pecatarian, 3% Vegetarian and 1% Vegan.

Often flexitarians are seen as a half-way point between the dietary choices, for people who aren’t ready to give up meat, however, the data indicated that they are simply trying to reduce the number of animal products they consume for a healthy balanced diet. In fact, 75% flexitarians said it was unlikely they would be vegetarian in the next 12 months. On the other hand 26% of meat-eaters also agreed they were actively trying to reduce their meat consumption but did not identify themselves as flexitarians.

The report confirms that flexitarianism is a dietary choice and not a stepping stone to a meat-free. It also demonstrated that, although plant-based products are on the rise, the vast majority of the population eats meat and don’t intend to stop soon. But is also raised that 7% of the population as a whole do intend to reduce their meat consumption so there is a large opportunity for brands producing meat-free products.

Download the full You Gov report to get all the data and insights into the markets dietary habits.

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