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Love Your Gut Week

Love Your Gut Week

To celebrate Love Your Gut Week, 17th – 23rd September 2018, we shared exciting healthy food and drink products by entrepreneurs every day whose products aid their consumers gut health, over out Instagram and Twitter feeds. The purpose of this was to highlight the amazing and inspiring brands we work with and what new food and drink products are about that can support consumers gut health, it also boosted our reach on social media. Check out the products highlighted and some of our social insight results.

#LoveYourGutWeek Day One! Equinox Kombucha raw, unpasteurised & organic kombucha tea, Made in Yorkshire and oh so tasty.

#LoveYourGutWeek Day Two! Quoats UK British quinoa, oat and flax instant porridge pots. For a healthy quick breakfast which is high in fibre and perfect way to start the day.

#LoveYourGutWeek Day Three! Drink Baotic a BAOBAB superfruit drink, high in fibre and a great dairy-free alternative probiotic drink which is fab for your gut health. Check out their website for more details.

#LoveYourGutWeek Day Four! Eat Troo amazingly tasty granola. They are packed full of prebiotics, making them perfect for your gut health and they come in a plastic-free biodegradable pouch.

#LoveYourGutWeek Day Five! Arctic Power Berries 100% pure & natural BERRY POWDERS to boost your wellbeing! Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and fibre making them perfect for your gut health, add them to smoothies, porridge, bircher, yogurt and even cheesecake, recipes on their website.

#LoveYourGutWeek Day Six! Hunter Gather UK Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is a great source of healthy fats which helps to heal the intestinal wall. Check out their blog post on gut health here.

#LoveYourGutWeek Day Seven! Lost Coast Food Co Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Juice, a great source of good bacteria and comes in three luscious flavours with a hint of sweetness to compliment the Apple Cider Vinegar. Our favourite is the mango turmeric and ginger.




By participating in this social media event on twitter we gained 7,630 organic impressions, over the course of the event, which is double any previous week of 2018. Twitter also saw an increase in likes, retweets, link clicks and a slight increase in followers, and on Instagram, we had increased likes and followers.

Interested in learning more about the gut health check out The Gut Stuff and Kara Landau from Uplift Food.

If you’re interested in how you can use hashtags in your marketing planning take a look at this article by Mention.

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