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Product Details

MannaVida is a home baking kit that will transform the home baking category. This breakthrough product enables simple, fast and delicious bread making. Our breads taste like an artisan baker has made them and yet can be made by almost anyone… And they’re all gluten free!

Manna Vida are winners of the award for Best Gluten Free Bread in the World Bread Awards 2015

They’re also winners of:

· Three gold medals and three places in the top five in gluten free.
· Two silver medals.
· Three bronze medals


MannaVida Ltd comprises two sisters whose backgrounds provide a unique ability to create highly innovative products, which contain unusual combinations of nutrients and lack traditional additives and preservatives.



  • Quick to make.
  • Easy to make.
  • Delicious and healthy.

Looking For

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The Team

Davina Steel and Debra Clarke are sisters. They’ve been inseparable since Davina went with their father to collect a two day old Debra and their mother from the maternity hospital.

Their great love for science, health and nutrition combined with a passion for amazing food shines through in everything they do.


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