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Mark Shayler: Why Good is Cool & Small is Beautiful

Mark Shayler: Why Good is Cool & Small is Beautiful

Yesterday Mark Shayler talked us through a journey of food and music, the denaturalisation of food and where brands sit now in the time of wellness and meaningful business strategies.

Without the music and 80s food ads, it is hard to do a true rendition of Mark’s talk, however, we have pulled some of our key takeaways that we believe all food and drink brands should know.

Denaturalisation vs Wellness

Through the time of Punk and Bowie also came the rise of processed convenience food and drinks, such as Smash, Tizer and many others, that moved consumers away from natural ingredients.

Now attitudes are shifting, consumers are more aware of the importance of eating healthy and the wellness movement is making waves, influencing lifestyles as well as diet. Businesses now need to look around, check what their customers want and see if they’re still staying relevant and decide if they want to change the status quo or become it.

Purpose is Back

Businesses now need sustainable strategies embedded in change. Brands need to be purpose and values driven, if they promote social issues that are important to them while showcasing their products they need to be careful to live up to those values. If they are seen as just using the social issue to attract customers then that’s “woke washing” and customers are not easily swayed by it. Retailers and brands that successfully gain customers trust today are doing so through sharing how they support the issues that are important to them.

In an attempt to lower waste, carbon footprint and generally lead less cluttered lives consumers are going down the route of buying less stuff. So we are now in a time where businesses need to learn how to adapt to making money by selling less stuff.

Food and drink brands should be appealing to consumers emotions and remember that taste memory is like a time machine. They are not making food, they are making people feel and creating memories.

“Everyone needs a side hustle”

Mark isn’t just an expert in his field he’s also got a foodie side hustle Hot Smoky Bastard and was set up as a way to make use of surplus chillies in autumn.

If you’re interested in catching Mark’s next talks follow him on Twitter or Eventbrite.

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