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Meat Goes Into Red

Meat Goes Into Red

Kantar’s release, covering the 12 weeks to 9th September, showed a summer slump in meat sales and appeared to be turning into a trend, as fresh primary meat and poultry fell into value and volume decline.

During one of the hottest summers on record, there was a increase in grocery market spending overall, however spend in the meat category appears to have been driven by convenient foods, consumed at BBQs and picnics, with burgers, sausages and sliced cooked meats all seeing strong growth. Although BBQ staples saw a good performance, red meat fall into decline across beef, pork and most strongly, lamb.

Now winter is coming, how will this affect the foods we eat? Will we continue to reduce our red meat consumption, or move towards comfort food as the temperature drops?

Katars latest updates saw Autumn bringing Sunday lunch back with popular demand. In September alone, shoppers spent £51 million on whole chickens, £62 million on roasting joints and £4 million on Yorkshire puddings. But it seems, even with 70 days still to go, consumers are already getting into the Christmas spirit with 8% of households buying mince pies last month, spending a total of £4 million.

It seems the meat summer slump has relented and shoppers have returned to comfort food in September. However, with Veganism and Flexitarianism at an all time high, will this slump be a recurring theme for the fresh meat category? Or has this trend now peaked?

Read the full 12 weeks to 9th September meat sales report by Kantar here, 12 weeks to 7 October grocery market share article by Kantar here and their summer sales report here.

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