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Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends 2019

Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends 2019

We take a brief look at the three forward thinking trends that Mintel Analysts predict will lead the momentum of food and drink innovation worldwide in 2019 and onwards.


The sustainability trend keeps growing and now ‘encompasses the entire product lifecycle’. Mintel analysts say this will require a more circular approach and for food and drink brands, retailers and consumers to understand and embrace the sustainable sourcing, production, distribution, consumption and disposal of products.

“Many coalitions, governments, manufacturers and packaging industry councils have made commitments to improve the circularity of packaging materials, pledging to improve recycling, reuse or composting of food and drink packaging in the coming decades.”

The main purpose of this circular product lifecycle is to help ensure sustainability extends from farm to retailer and from fork to bin, and ideally rebirth/recycled as a new plant, ingredient, product or package. This will require collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, governments, non-profits, retailers and consumers.

67% of UK consumers agree it’s more appealing to act environmentally friendly when they see results of their actions.

Healthy Ageing

Slimming is out and adopting a healthy lifestyle is in especially for a healthier lifespan. Consumers now view health, wellness and self-care as a holistic, proactive and ongoing pursuit.

There is an opportunity here for food and drink products to help people improve their heath and spesific age related concerns. Formulations can be developed for people to efficiently consume vitamins, minerals and other ingredients with health benefits and boost immune system function.


This is a new era of convenience in food and drink products, as manufacturers have to respond to the rising healthy eating and sustainability prioratise yet still with a speedy delivery service. Today’s consumers are demanding natural and nutritional food and drink products which are suited to their busy schedule so they don’t need to sacrifice either convenience or their health.

There is a big opportunity here for grab-and-go breakfasts, quick snacks, and dinner-time solutions but with the added concern for sustainability, brands need to consider more innovative packaging solutions and their product lifecycle.

Learn more about these 2019 global trends by downloading Mintel’s full report.

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