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“Mission Make-it” lower your costs and expand production

“Mission Make-it” lower your costs and expand production

We’re on a Mission to Make-it…

Paul Rostand
Paul Rostand MD Great British Biscotti


Meet Paul, from Great British Biscotti, he’s on a mission to make-it…

His opportunity:

A growing number of Supermarket and Trade Buyers from the UK and Export want Paul’s delicious twice baked, British Biscotti biscuits.

Great British BiscottiPaul’s (two big) Challenges:

Space and cost of production.

  1. The Bakery
    The Bakery

    Space:- Just physically enough room for all of the volume of stock and people needed to make the potential orders.

  2. Costs:– Much of Paul’s manufacturing process is by hand, and yet sometimes ‘by hand’ has no product advantage and is simply an extra cost.

The Solution:

Invest in new production equipment to reduce space and improve unit cost efficiency.

New challenge:

How can fund the purchase of this new equipment?

New Solution:

Asset Finance! This is a new way to fund equipment needed for manufacturing. It’s fast, simple and really flexible.

Don’t just take our word on this, this is what Paul said:

Paul Rostand
Paul Rostand

“Dealing with expanding your business and also managing unit costs of production is my biggest headache.” Paul Rostand, Managing Director, Great British Biscotti. “We’re raising equity funding, but we wanted to focus that raise for team developement, sales and marketing – Funding our equipment with Asset finance is a break-through for us. 

“This new equipment means what used to take two people around 3 hours, now can be done by the same people in 20 minutes! Reducing our costs and increasing our capacity. And the best part is we will recover the cost of this new machinery within 12 months through with this far efficient more machinery.”


More information about how to grow your business and lower costs of production:

Many Food or drink companies, there seems to a recurring theme that runs through their plans for Scaling Up and generally growing their businesses. The major point of these challenges circle around the cash flow and available funding.

Profitable orders are available but getting to that all-important next phase in the business sometimes grinds to a halt once the overdraft and loans are maxed out. This is more frustrating when the consumer loves your product and you just can’t seem to produce anywhere near enough of them to satiate their appetite.

The fact that over 40% of SMEs haven’t even heard of Asset Finance let alone how it really works, illustrates why the value in the business is being truly leveraged correctly, especially for any company who manufactures wholly or part of their product.

This why Asset Finance can turn the dial for ambitious food and drink brands.

START expanding your business today and also lower your production costs, contact Gary Santino, and he can will make sure you CAN MAKE IT.



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