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Our Accelerator Programme consists of all the essentials an exciting and ambitious business needs to thrive in the tough world of the FMCG food & drink market.  We are with you for the life-time of your business, be that helping you through tough times and challenging you to achieve your true potential.  Winning a place on the programme is competitive.  We are only looking for innovative products created by passionate people with ambition to thrive.
We are with you on this journey as partners. To cover the initial 12 month Accelerator Programme each of the winning businesses pay a modest sign-up fee from the investment received and an on-going monthly fee that covers trading and marketing support for a businesses life-time of support.

These are the steps successful applicants go through to be part of this incredible, life changing experience.

The 9-step journey to accelerating your business.

Step 1: Apply to the Programme

Following completion of the on-line application, promising applicants will be shortlisted for the places on our programme.

All finalists will receive valuable feedback on their business. Candidates must show they can achieve pre-approval from HMRC for investment under Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Assistance is available.

Step 2: Congratulations!

Congratulations - You’re one of up to a dozen winning finalists selected to join the pre-programme bootcamp!

Once we are confident you will make maximum benefit from the investment you will be put forward for one of a small number of winning places.


From the hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs who seek to join this unique programme only a very few successful candidates are invited to join.

Each business wins investment appropriate for the stage of their business and a business lifetime of close support on your journey.

Step 3: Learning Programme

Combining a mix of on-line resources as well as 1:1 and group based workshops to research, define and develop existing and new product opportunities, the programme includes advise on; market definition, branding, marketing, sales pitching and a wealth of skills development.


You will have follow-up 1:1 sessions with specialist partners on key areas of your business that need attention. Building a solid network with your fellow founders will support your journey and you will meet successful entrepreneurs keen to share their experiences.


Step 4: Mentorship

Your personal Mentor will provide support, introduce you to relevant partners and challenge you to achieve your full potential.

Your personal business mentor works with you on an initial appraisal to develop a SWOT analysis. Together you will define actions to optimise the business and develop a timetable of tasks for the programme. Support includes monthly meetings and weekly calls.

Step 5: Advisory Board

Each quarter you will meet with the directors of Grocery Accelerator to review progress and focus on the big challenges and opportunities that your business is facing.


This is an invaluable chance to tap into the many decades of experience around the table and to help keep you and your business on track.


Step 6: Support Network

There is no need for your journey as an entrepreneur to be a lonely one. 

Joining the “GA Family” means you have a ready support network of other founders who are happy to share their experience and contacts. You will have opportunities through events to network as well as on-line resources to share knowledge.

Monthly networking with peers, plus access as needed to Grocery Accelerator industry experts; service providers around Legal, Branding, Contract manufacturing, IP and Finance.

Each scholar will have a personal development plan that will require specific service suppliers. Grocery Accelerator will provide unique access to tried and tested partners.

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Step 7: New Business Opportunities

'Pitch Perfect’ workshop - coaching on how to win new business, including introductions to help you access new markets.

1:1 and group training and coaching on how to present your product range to a trade buyer. How to avoid trading mistakes and protect your business from de-listing.

Trade buyers are keen to see products from Grocery Accelerator businesses, so this is the ideal platform for enhancing your chances to grow profitably.

Step 8: Funding for Future Growth

Pitching your business to investors. Winning the right investment for your future.

‘Fit to Invest’ – work-shop. Complete preparation for finding investment, including; how to present your business to investors, making a good impression, ensuring all your legal and financial documents are ready.

The Grocery Accelerator programme includes providing each participating business with the complete ‘Investor Ready’ training and preparation needed to secure growth funding. We have investors ready to back strong brands.

Step 9: Accelerate!

Time to accelerate. Armed with new knowledge, funding and a winning product range.

At this point… You're ready to grow rapidly!

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