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The importance of being visible as a founder

The importance of being visible as a founder

Visibility as a founder is more important than ever before and start-up stories are the edge small brands have over the big brands.

Discover your story and tell it

Founder-led stories are the unfair advantage that the big name brands can’t compete with. A brand’s narrative can set a company apart in a competitive sector and big brands have lost the trust of the consumer, they are built for scale and efficiency but are not agile or good at change which is why they can’t compete.

Consumers care about the founders, the ingredients in their food and drink, how it’s made and the mission of the business. A good story will make consumers feel something and begin to connect to you and your brand, it allows you to emphasise your passion for your products and why they should feel the same. If you can discover your brand’s story, be authentic and tell it, you have an edge which should be implemented into your growth strategy.

Founder Storytelling Tips

  • Tell the truth and be an authentic entrepreneur.
  • Share your values, especially the ones that match your customers.
  • Don’t think of it as marketing, just keep telling people your story and stay interesting.
  • Be different, storytelling can set you apart from the competition.
  • Spread your brands’ message on your platform through social media, or website as well as externally in the media.
  • Choose powerful mediums for your storytelling, such as speaking opportunities, on panels or talks at events or on podcasts.

Want to learn more about how to share your story? We’ve got you covered.

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