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The Power of Storytelling at Bread and Jam 2018

The Power of Storytelling at Bread and Jam 2018

Amazing two days of brilliant talks, panels and discussions, here is a roundup of the Grocery Accelerators takeaways from Bread and Jam 2018. Bread and Jam Festival Roundup Part Two!

The Power of Storytelling: Communicating your Brand Journey

Due to technological developments, such as the rise in e-commerce, the barriers that once held entrepreneurs back from entering the FMCG market have lowered and has made it easier than ever before to secure funding and get listed, but Shilen Patel of Distill Ventures believes this only works if you are telling a good enough story!

Through the power of storytelling entrepreneurs, start-ups and mission-based brands have an unfair advantage over big brands. So how can you communicate your brand story effectively to utilise this edge? Thankfully Emily Keogh, of Palm PR & Digital, discussed the power of storytelling at Bread and Jam, here are the highlights from her talk.

1) How to craft your brand story

  • Good storytelling should foster trust and feel genuine and telling the founders story can help consumers relate to the brand on a personal level.
  • To create a compelling brand story simply say the truth but put it across in the right way, be transparent and don’t shy away from parts of the story you are not as proud of.
  • Think about your audience and be sensitive to the values of your differing audience. From your own overarching values, you can then dial out different messages for your audience.
  • Remember to be clear how your brand story feeds into your product.
    Make sure it is authentic but don’t shy away from being bold.

2) How to create your communication strategy

  • Know your place in the market and your unique selling points, clearly communicate these in your marketing.
  • Know your target audience, their values and ways to communicate with them, such as what social platforms they use.
  • Be clear on your values and how these playout in the real world.
  • Define your commercial objectives – to do this decide your objectives, goals and activations and work backwards.

3) Mediums for powerful storytelling

  • Work with a PR agency: Consumer Trade and Business Media
  • Digital, utilising social media platforms and e-newsletters.
  • Advertising, ads on social media, features in magazines and with influencers.
  • Speaking opportunities, on panels or talks at events or on podcasts.
  • Exhibiting at shows to be seen by consumers and/or trade.

Emily Keogh’s final tip “Don’t shy away from your story and route to food, if you are not from a foodie background that can make for a more interesting story”

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You can find Distill Ventures easy-to-use manual for entrepreneurs to write, create, think and hone their stories here: distillventures.com/brilliant-founder-storytelling/

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