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Understanding Your Consumer: Keeping On Top Of Shifting Lifestyle And Preferences

Understanding Your Consumer: Keeping On Top Of Shifting Lifestyle And Preferences

By Jacqui Rudd

Amazing three days of brilliant talks, panels and discussions at Food Matters Lives 2018. Here are some of the Grocery Accelerators favourite actionable takeaways for food and drink brands with tips and advice from entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Understanding your consumer: keeping on top of shifting lifestyle preferences with Emma Gubisch, Head of Insights, Leatherhead Food Research.

Consumer appetite for change
Consumers are trying to make considerable changes to their eating and drinking habits, such as:

  • Half are trying to eat less sugar.
  • A third are trying to eat less meat.
  • One in ten are trying to cut dairy from their diet.
  • One in six are trying to eat more protein.
  • One in ten are trying to cut gluten from their diet.
  • A quarter are trying to drink less alcohol.
  • One in three are trying to cook more from raw ingredients.

Large companies are not as nimble or agile to changes in consumer preferences, startups can be more flexible and respond faster to consumer needs.

“Technology will change our relationship with food” Emma Gubisch.

Innovation starts and ends with the consumer, interpret the consumer need and ask yourself, how can we help consumers achieve their goals? Your product might already meet one of these changes in consumer needs, so make sure you are spreading awareness about it and how you meet that need.

Top tips

  • Talk about your products in a credible way with a story.
  • Make sure your product is something that your target consumers will love and meets their needs, not just something you want.
  • Be bold on the right issues (i.e. sugar or plastic)
  • Trust! Consumers are asking more and more “Does this company deserve my trust?”
  • What dissonance between product and messaging could backlash trust credibility? For example, a company who shouts about sustainability and human impact on the environment but they use single-use plastic in their packaging, not cool.

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