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Working With The Media: Bread and Jam Press Panel

Working With The Media: Bread and Jam Press Panel

Amazing two days of brilliant talks, panels and discussions here is a roundup of the Grocery Accelerators favourite bits from Bread and Jam Festival 2018. Bread and Jam Festival Roundup Part One!

Press Panel: Working with the Media

Emma-Jo Jones from Forge Communications chaired the panel which was made up of three key food media specialists: Michael Lane from Fine Food Digest, Kerstin Rodgers blogger from Ms Marmite Lover and Peter Evans the Enterprise Editor of The Sunday Times.

How you approach a media representative always depends on who you are approaching. As we are reflecting on this media panel we will use the examples of a blogger/influencer, a independent food and drink magazine and a top newspaper who include FMCG news.

But what is right for you?

The whole media panel agreed that the biggest turn off is a brand not doing research and pitching stories completely irrelevant to them. So make sure you are contacting the right media platform that meets your needs.

Are you a new brand looking for listings? Contacting an independent magazine such as Fine Food Digest could be ideal, they are more likely to be interested in you if you don’t have a listing and then they could say “and they are looking for a distributor” within your feature.

Are you a little more established and have recently won an award? Contacting an editor from a magazine or newspaper such as The Sunday Times after your award win could lead to a successful article. Keep in mind that your pitch has to be different and creative and NOT something they will have seen before.

Are you looking for product reviews and exposure? Contacting a food blogger could be just what you’re looking for. Remember your social media following does not matter, but theirs does!

When and how to get in contact

  1. Make sure that their blog/newspaper/magazine matches your brand and target market.
  2. Look at their previous work to see what they have done before and how you can work together, either on a review, product feature, news article etc.
  3. Your email should be practical, use keywords and make your email quick and easy to read and attach good quality images.
  4. Use a subject line that will jump out at them and get them to stop and open your email.
  5. Once in contact, you have to make sure you have the knowledge at your fingertips – you should be able to answer any of their questions quickly.
  6. Always be flexible, even at short notice. In case they ask you to take better quality photos, meet for an interview or send further information.

Top tips for brands starting out and talking to media

  • Be different and push your unique selling point.
  • As the founder and an entrepreneur, you are a selling point.
  • Be creative in what you pitch but keep to your brand values.
  • Know what that media platform does and what you want.
  • Keep your branding consistent, including your social platform names.
  • Establish a relationship for future promotion and support.

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